The Board of Governors of the South Hams Federation represents the four schools within the Federation (Malborough with South Huish, Loddiswell, Modbury and Stokenham Primary Schools).

Instrument of Government

The Board of Governors of the South Hams Federation comprises:
–  One Executive Headteacher
–  Two Parent Governors
–  One Staff Governor
–  One Local Authority Governor
–  Five Co-Opted Governors
–  Two Foundation Governors, one of which is Ex-Officio (The Foundation Governors are appointed by Exeter Diocesan Board of Education)
Total number of governors: 12


–  The Board of Governors meets six times a year.
–  The two Standards Committees meet as required.
–  The Ethos Committee meets once a term.
–  The Executive Committee (comprising Chair, Executive Headteacher and Business Manager) meets once a month.
–  The meetings are held in school time, allowing Governors the opportunity to meet the children and staff, undertake Learning Walks and see all four schools operating on a day- to-day basis.


Executive Headteacher Mrs Sue Jezard
Parent Governors Mrs Joanne Howell
Mrs Rebecca Minty
Staff Governor Mrs Lucinda Kirkham
Local Education Authority Governor Mrs Emma Meek
Co-Opted Governors Mrs Alexis Bowater
Mrs Nicola Curzon
Mrs Tina Graham
Mrs Kirsty Richards
Mrs Anne Rossiter
Foundation Governors Mrs Jane Greaves (Nominee & Chair)
Vacant  (Ex-Officio)
Clerk Mrs Zoe Hayhurst

Register of Business Interests

Members and their representatives are asked to declare any relevant business and pecuniary interests when they are appointed and are invited to declare any relevant interest at the start of each meeting so any conflict of interest can be managed appropriately.

A summary of the members’ relevant business interests is included below:







Type of Governor Appointing Body Office Term Committee(s) Registered interests
Stephen Ball Ex-Officio Board of Governors 04.02.15 – 01.02.16 Board of Governors
Sara-Jane Baker Co-Opted Board of Governors 10.09.13 – 31.08.16 Board of Governors Head of School, Loddiswell Primary School
Alexis Bowater Co-Opted Board of Governors 26.09.16 – 25.09.20 Board of Governors Beach Schools SW, CIC
Nicola Curzon Co-Opted Board of Governors 26.09.16 – 25.09.20 Board of Governors None
Tina Graham Co-Opted Board of Governors 21.09.15 – 20.09.19 Board of Governors Principal, Dartmouth Academy
Jane Greaves Foundation Exeter Diocesan Board of Education Chair 01.09.13 – 31.08.17 Ethos Committee

Board of Governors

Partner, CL Landscapes
Joanne Howell Parent Elected by parents 16.06.15 – 15.05.19 Board of Governors None
Sue Jezard Staff


Board of Governors 01.09.13 – to present Board of Governors Employee

Executive Headteacher, South Hams Federation

Lucinda Kirkham Staff Governor Elected by staff 25.04.16 – 24.04.20 Board of Governors Teacher, Modbury Primary School
Emma Meek Local Education Authority Board of Governors 10.09.13 – 09.09.17 Board of Governors Teacher,
Loddiswell Primary School
Rebecca Minty Parent Elected by parents 16.06.15 – 15.06.19 Board of Governors None
Kirsty Richards Co-Opted Board of Governors 26.09.16 – 25.09.20 Board of Governors Supply Teacher across the Federation
Anne Rossiter Co-Opted Board of Governors 10.09.13 – 09.09.17 Board of Governors None

Annual Governance Statement

To view the South Hams Federation Annual Governance Statement September 2016 click here.

Attendance at Board of Governors meetings 2015 – 2016

Board of Governors


2015 – 16

Sara-Jane Baker 5 of 6
Stephen   Ball

2 of 3

Alexis   Bowater

5 of 6

Nicola Curzon

4 of 4

Jane Greaves

 6 of 6

Joanne   Howell

6 of 6

Sue Jezard 6 of 6
Lucinda Kirkham 2 of 2
Emma   Meek

6 of 6

Rebecca   Minty

6 of 6

Kirsty   Richards

5 of 6

Anne   Rossiter

4 of 6

Contact Details

If you need to get in touch with either the Chair or the Clerk they can be contacted as follows: Mrs Jane Greaves & Mrs Zoe Hayhurst: c/o Stokenham Area Primary School, Stokenham, TQ7 2SJ.